Dear editor:

I am SO tired of the conversation from the conservatives, complaining about the retired, the once employed, who are now on unemployment compensation, the under employed, the employed not making a decent wage and a whole host of other people struggling to make it and receiving a subsidy, being called takers.

All the while, those doing the most of the complaining, are themselves, TAKERS, by being on a government payroll, IE. elected politicians, with all their perks and privileges. They are feeding from the “government teat”, living off of “Uncle Sugar”.

Not to mention the corporations and the “money changers/managers”, who pay very little or nothing in taxes and then get subsidies from the government, which in turn, generate huge profits from the tax breaks and subsidies. TAKERS!

And the corporations with government defense contracts. They are takers that the elected takers defend to their last breath.

And how about the corporations that don’t pay a living wage. They complain about the taxes they have to pay and subsidies for takers, and then state that their huge profit outlook may not be all that rosy, because of cuts to subsidies for the poor and working poor(takers). They are the most gross taker’s of them all.

(By the way, corporations are not people, ever try to date one.)

I’d rather have a taker, rebuild infrastructure or provide a education or, god forbid, provide health care.

Rod Nicklas