Unused Penn. Ave. building to come before council

City Manager Nancy Freenock plans to go before Warren City Council this evening with a basic question: What is the City of Warren to do with a building it owns at 231, 233 and 237 Pennsylvania Avenue?

The issue of the unused downtown building came up at the City Redevelopment Authority meeting Thursday morning.

Freenock said, “While I don’t speak for (city) council, is there any appetite for the Redevelopment Authority taking over?”

She said that there has been an offer for the property, but it was to demolish it and put in another parking lot.

“I don’t think we want a parking lot on our main street,” she said.

It was suggested that the building could be placed on the blighted list, owing to its dilapidated appearance, but Building Code Officer Alan Gustafson wasn’t sure the building would qualify for the designation.

Tricia Durbin, authority board member, said she also had concerns about asbestos in the building.

David Cantrell, a new board member, noted that there are different types of asbestos.