County students take top honors at equations contest

Warren County students + Equations math competition = victory.

Groups of students from the Learning Enrichment Center’s Equations teams took first place in all three competition grade categories held April 15 at Intermediate Unit 6 in Clarion.

The team of seventh and eighth graders Josh John – seventh grade Beaty-Warren Middle School, Aidan Farrell – seventh Eisenhower Middle High School, Nick Lindsey – seventh Beaty, and Josef Bauer – seventh EMHS, won the Middle Division. John went all day without a loss.

Only two LEC students signed up in the Junior Division (ninth and tenth). Derek Lipinski and Rachel Cecco (both ninth graders at Warren Area High School) joined forces with two students from Titusville and took first place.

The Senior Division team of Eric Cecco, Brandon Eschborn, Phoebe Nelson, and Sean McGuinness – all 11th graders at Warren Area High School – “dominated the play,” according to LEC math teacher Kellie Blasco. The team won its division and Eschborn and Cecco were undefeated.

LEC had two teams place in the Middle Division with Maxx Davis – eighth Beaty, Lydia Giannini – seventh EMHS, Eric Corse – eighth EMHS, and Trenten Dippold – seventh EMHS, finishing in third place.

Some younger LEC students, including several who are off the bottom of the grade level chart, competed to get a feel for the event.

“The following students also participated at the Middle Division with some younger students ‘playing up’ for the experience: Emmanuelle Satcho (seventh Beaty), Sarah Satcho (fifth Warren Area Elementary Center), Storm Sivak (fifth WAEC), Wesley Kiehl (fifth St. Joseph School), Megan McGuinness (fifth WAEC), Madaline Fadale (sixth Beaty), and Aidan Colosimo (sixth Beaty),” Blasco said.

The event was held on the 15th in honor of the 307th birthday of Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler.

Despite the widespread success of the LEC students, it was the school’s first venture into the Middle, Junior, and Senior levels of the Equations competitions.

The elementary divisions, third and fourth grades and fifth and sixth grades, were held in October.

“We have attended and placed well at the Elementary level in the past,” Blasco said.

In October, LEC teams won first place at both levels of that competition.

“I told my older students that they had big shoes to fill,” Blasco said.

Mission accomplished.

“As a whole group, the LEC players were top of the heap,” Blasco said. “They dominated play at every table and appeared to be the most proficient with the rules, strategies, and variations of the game.”

Information about Equations can be found at the Academic Games League of America website –