District super’s entry plan lauded by board

“This was a labor of love.”

Over nine months since his hire, Warren County School District Superintendent Dr. William Clark has given the public a glimpse into the entry plan process with an entry journal plan presented to the school board on Monday.

“A lot of time… was spent in the entry plan process,” he explained.

In addition to an Entry Plan Summit held on Nov. 25, the journal indicates the wealth of interviews that Clark conducted throughout the plan the entirety of the school board, 26 administrators, 252 teachers, 87 students, 28 support staff as well as 20 members of the community for a total of 424.

Clark explained that he took the board goals and incorporated them into the entry plan, including target dates for completion.

“That’s where the rubber meets the road,” he said, detailing the “items we know we need to accomplish. I think there are some low-hanging fruit that we can get accomplished.”

He summarized the entry plan as “a collage of a lot of different information” and stated his intent of the “entry plan to become synonymous with goals going forward.

The school board accepted the journal unanimously.

“What a great document this was to read,” said Board President Arthur Stewart. “(The) superintendent doesn’t have to come on board an do an entry plan. That was not a requirement. It was a lot, a lot of work… a Herculean task. We would have hired him without it.”

“It’s not incumbent on a board to do goals either,” he said. “Here we have married those things.” Stewart suggested the marriage is a “great fit.”

Clark said the journal would be shared with all district employees.