Board reviews policy on meds

A disciplinary case that involved a common pain reliever evoked a discussion about policy and procedure last week’s meeting of the Warren County School District board of directors.

Board member Tom Knapp asked about “the rules we go by as far as what pills, aspirin, acetaminophen, are those rules state? Local? Where do they come from?

Clark said that offenses such as this are handled on a “case by case basis” where the nurse “determine(s) what it was and determine intent.”

He explained the procedure that “all medications are to be checked into the nurse. Any on their (student) person during the course of the day, that becomes an issue… They should have no medication on them.”

Clark pointed out that that even includes cough drops. A student “would go down to the nurse on a cough drop,” he said.

Board President Arthur Stewart indicated that the student in the case “brought something in in violation. Given that the principal recommended something less than expulsion” he asked why the case was before the board.

“The policy does recommend expulsion,” said Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Gary Weber. “When it is a drug situation, (we) do take it to a hearing. We are not mandated to do that.”