Russell’s Ent wins rifle category at CMP Oklahoma Games

A year after taking the The Oklahoma Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Games by storm at the Oklahoma City Gun Club, Russell’s Randy Ent added another first-place finish at the 2014 games.

“The results were not quite as good as last year, but good enough considering I did not get to practice with the weather we had,” said Ent, who finished first out of 95 rifle shooters in the M1 Garand Rifle category – with a 287-6x.

Ent was also sixth in the Vintage Military Match (out of 35 with a 274-4x), seventh in 1903 Springfield Match (out of 54, with 278-5x), 12th in Modern Military (out of 39, with 270-4x), second in Three -Gun Aggregate (Garand, Springfield, Vintage, out of 101), third in Four-Gun Aggregate (Garand, Springfield, Vintage, Modern, out of 107), and 11th in the M1 Carbine Match (340-4x).

Ent, a 61-year-old non-military civilian, traveled along this year from this area, moving on from pistol shooting to as-issued World War I- and World War II-era military rifles in recent years.

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) was originally founded to train civilians, who might join or be needed in the military, in rifle marksmanship. These days, its website describes itself as a “national organization dedicated to training and educating U.S. citizens in responsible uses of firearms and air guns through gun safety training, marksmanship training, and competitions.”

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