Public housing 96 pct. full

Occupancy continues to be high at properties managed by the Housing Authority of Warren County.

Executive Director Tonya Mitchell-Weston said that the authority is at 96 percent occupancy.

Staff said that one apartment was emptied on a Monday, one on a Tuesday, and both were re-entered by different tenants that Friday.

“I’m just so blown away with their work,” said Mitchell-Weston of the staff.

She also updated the board on the most recent meeting of the Resident Advisory Board.

Calling the most recent meeting the “most productive meeting” in some time, she explained that the group decided to undertake a couple of fund raisers “to take the kids from both developments to an amusement park or Splash Lagoon.”

One of the fund raisers will be a yard sale at the Authority. Mitchell-Weston said that the event is scheduled for May 31 at the Conewango Towers. She “think(s) it is going to be fabulous.”

The other fund raiser will be a greeting card sale. She said that they have four entries for a Mothers Day card, including some “really cute entries.”

“I think it could go well if it takes off,” she said.

“That is a positive to hear this report on the RAB,” said Board member Frank Wilcox.

Mitchell-Weston also said that there has been “no movement” regarding a case with security-firm ADT over a camera system installed at Riverview Terrace.

The security camera system at River View Terrace has been a constant source of problems, requiring maintenance from a company that was contracted by ADT to install the cameras.

“They are hoping we just go away,” she said. “They have come in and threatened to remove the equipment.” She said the Authority would press charges for burglary against ADT if they came and attempted to remove the cameras. “What is going to end up happening, they will be de-barred from providing services with any federal (agency),” she said.