Crary sign issues still smolders

Warren City Planning Commission met Wednesday morning to discuss a number of issues, new and old.

Vice chairman Bob Dilks wanted to talk about the Crary sign issue and the East Side facade project.

City Manager Nancy Freenock said, “The sign cannot be considered a marquee as the ordinance is currently written. I made it clear to the Crary board that this can’t go on. It needs to come to a head soon. My thought is to put the matter before the (city) council.”

She added that the issue has been ongoing for eight months.

It was suggested that the stonework around the sign could be modified to make it look more like a mural.

Commission member Raymond Pring Jr. said he is also a member of the Crary board, and would abstain from any vote, but said the sign issue needed to be resolved “without opening the door to other problems, and from the gallery’s standpoint we are looking at other approaches.”

For the East Side issue, David Hildebrand, city planner and development administrator, asked if the commission wanted to talk about the it during the next scheduled meeting or hold a special meeting.

Chairman Don Nelson suggested a special meeting to be held after 5 p.m., as commission members needed to return to their regular jobs after morning meetings, making it difficult to devote enough time to the issue. An evening meeting was scheduled for Monday, May 5.

In other business, Dilks made a motion to concur with council’s changes to Ordinance 1843, section 503.2 to “buildings originally constructed for residential use may revert to residential use” in the downtown C1 District. The commission’s earlier revision specified single-family residence.

The commission voted to approve a subdivision of city property bordering Glade Township east of Mulberry Playground, between Glade and Frank streets. One of the subdivided lots containing .35 of an acre would be listed for sale by bid, according to Freenock.