Dear editor:

Re: Our Opinion: The root of the problem.

In your opinion, “attempting to prevent mass violence by banning or over-regulating certain types of firearms” is a waste of time. Apparently it hasn’t occurred to you that ALL of the students and adults who were victims of the knife attack in Murrysville are expected to survive and will be able to go on with their lives.

Just imagine what could have happened if that disturbed teenager had access to firearms and endless rounds of ammunition. Oh,wait – you don’t have to imagine it. Just look up Newtown Massacre, and you can see what already happened.

That was also in a lovely community, where mental illness is, unfortunately, a part of the human condition. So what was the difference here? I’ll leave that for you to figure out; it’s really very simple.

Also, in a town that regulates the size of an art gallery sign and everything else it can think of, I do wonder what you consider over-regulating certain types of firearms means.

Susan Mitchell