Y’ville Council tables talk of merger by ROY

Youngsville Borough Council discussed the possible merger of Revitalization of Youngsville (ROY) with the municipality as a borough committee Monday, but tabled the action for further discussion.

Nancy Holmberg of ROY told council that ROY’s 501(c)3 non-profit status is set to expire in June.

ROY does not have its own 501(c)3 set up; it is currently operating under the auspices of the Warren-Forest Counties Economic Opportunity Council (EOC) which is a registered 501(c)3.

Merging with the borough as a committee would mean setting up a separate, restricted account for revitalization which would absorb ROY’s current accounts.

“We don’t really see any issues with it legality-wise or accounting-wise,” Borough Manager Lisa Hagberg said.

Council member Steve Morris asked Holmberg why ROY would want to “relinquish control” to a majority of the council to spend the money in the account.

“You’ve worked really hard for it,” he said.

Holmberg said the borough has always done resolutions for grants ROY has applied for and money given by individuals in the community is given for a reason, such as the bike-hike trail.

“I don’t see a problem if we’re working together,” she said.

Council member Pam Olewine asked if the merger would change donations made to ROY as a tax write-off.

Donations would still be considered tax deductible, Hagberg said, adding that donations can be made with stipulations for spending on certain projects.

“We’re not worried about the money, because all the money goes into the town,” Holmberg said.

Council member Eric Mineweaser asked to create a list of positive aspects and concerns to “break it down” and see “is this what we should be doing?”

Council also tabled a blight recommendation for 16 W. Main St. since the owner could not make the meeting to discuss the property with council.