Fire departments’ web presence moving forward

A project to provide a web presence for the county’s fire departments that includes a forum to provide information, enhance recruitment efforts and improve inter-department and public communication should be launched in May.

Volunteer fire department members have been participating in a series of demonstrations in preparation for the launch of websites that will allow them to communicate with each other on training and the public about the need for volunteers in fire departments throughout the county.

Volunteers are shown how to update, attach photos and text to websites so they don’t need to hire someone else to do it, Fire Services Committee Chairman Paul Pascuzzi said.

“We don’t want them wasting time trying to figure out how to upload a picture,” he said.

The system has already undergone testing and the departments are currently in the process of building up the sites.

“The network solution will provide the volunteer service providers with a public internet website to provide the public with information related to the great work that they do and the various fund-raising events that they hold,” Pascuzzi said. “The network also provides for an intranet web solution to improve communications and collaboration between the Warren County departments and agencies. Each department will have their own web framework to populate with their own unique images and text.”

Increased communication between volunteer departments about training is one of the biggest issues the websites will address. If there’s a training in Spring Creek Township, for example, the department in Sheffield may not even know about it, Pascuzzi said.

“It’s very important to get these folks communicating among themselves effectively,” he said.

The web presence will also help communication with the departments on the county level with Emergency Managment, he said.

The project is sponsored by the Warren County Intergovernmental Cooperative and funding is being made available through the support of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development grants and public support from the Community Foundation of Warren County and the DeFrees Family Foundation.