Kids in the kitchen

Dear Readers: If you have small children at home or ones who visit, you know the kitchen can be the heart of the home, but it also holds a lot of hazards for little ones. It is a fun place to play and be with the rest of the family. Here are a few hints to keep your little ones safe while still letting them have fun!

  • Trash can: What else can you say but “yuck”? To keep your children away from the trash, invest in a can with a lockable lid (or one they can’t open), or place the trash can in a cabinet out of their reach.
  • Refrigerator: Once a child learns how to open the refrigerator, you’d better watch out! If you allow children access, put ONLY SAFE items on the lowest shelf. Replace glass containers with plastic, or place them on the highest shelf, in the back. If you don’t want your child to have access, invest in a fridge lock, which probably is a good idea anyway.
  • Cabinets: Children always are curious, and they love to open and close things. Let your child have a lower cabinet all his or her own. Put safe things in there, like plastic bowls, lids, wooden spoons, etc. Use childproof locks on all other cabinets.