Matt White ends league with 772 series

Matt White and the Jackson Valley Classic League ended the season right this week.

White bowled a 772 series, Jeff Zaffino a 714 and Mike Hawley a 701. For the women, Ashley Zaffino started with a 231 game and finished with a 609 series.

Zaffino then rolled a 259 high game and 604 series there in the Tuesday Night Mixed League.


Tuesday Morning Men: Bob Buerkle 268-671, Ed Humbert 236-649, Ralph Gallo 235-610, Dave English 225-606, Bill Manning 219-600, Bernie Kanski 215-599, Rob Buerkle 221-586, Jeff McMeans 235-566, Bob Hoden 212-565, Jim McMillen 204-563; Farr’s Four won second half

Jackson Valley Classic: Matt White 268-235-269-772, Jeff Zaffino 256-236-222-714, Mike Hawley 237-219-245-701, Kevin Burton 226-651, Tom Traub 228-618, Ashley Zaffino 231-169-209-609; Warren Overhead Door wins roll-off over Crone’s, 3420-3179

Tuesday Night Mixed: Ashley Zaffino 259-176-169-604, Amy Tipton 203-525, Holly Zaffino 214-518, April Maruca 199-515; Howe’s True Value won roll-off over The Dog House, 3419-3246