Lady Knights start season 2-1

Eisenhower’s track team finally had the chance to compete outside on its own track Tuesday in a meet against Titusville. The boys fell, 107-44, but the Eisenhower girls came through with an 84-65 victory.

“I was pleased with our girls today,” said Eisenhower coach Mike Logue. “Both teams were missing some key competitors today, and we knew that beforehand, so it was going to be a tight meet the whole way through. We really needed to get those seconds and thirds to get the win.”

The transition from indoor practice to competitions outside went smoothly, according to Logue.

“We made some great adjustments,” said Logue, whose Lady Knights are 2-1 overall. “For events like the high jump and other field events, it was about getting our feet beneath us. We did just that… It has been a long time since the EHS girls have started a season 2-1.”

The Eisenhower boys ran well, but couldn’t keep up in the field events.

“Well, we looked pretty rough,” said Eisenhower coach David Bauer, whose boys are 1-2. “Honestly on the track, even though we don’t have the number of guys we’ve had in the past and we’re young, we held our own 47-41… In the field events, we only scored three points. So, obviously we’re hurting in that area. The kids that are participating in those events are doing great, we just don’t have the numbers.”

Both coaches have similar expectations for the season ahead: personal improvement across the board.

“We want to see people improve,” said Bauer. “Randy Buchanan is a great example in 400. He’s a junior now, and today he dominated. I mean he looked fantastic. Two years ago he couldn’t have done that. That’s what we’re looking for from every individual out there. He looked like a beast.”

Coach Logue mirrored those sentiments.

“We can’t be satisfied,” said Logue. “We need to keep improving, and our main goal for every meet is for everyone to reach a personal best. And, of course, we’d like to see as many get to districts as possible.”

The Eisenhower track teem will have another meet on Thursday at Otto-Eldred.

Titusville 107, Eisenhower boys 44

3200 relay: 1. Eisenhower (Lasecki, McCool, Morine, Morrison)

110 hurdles: 1. Lange (E) 18.2, 2. Burton (T), 3. Adams (E)

100M: 1. Rogers (T) 12.4, 2. Eernisse (E), 3. Senyo (T)

1600M: 1. Roberts (T) 5:04, 2. VanGuilder (E), 3. McMillen (E)

400M: 1. Buchanan (E) 58.4, 2. Schneider (T), 3. Vroman (T)

400 relay: 1. Titusville 50.2

300 hurdles: 1. Burton (T) 45.7, 2. Lange (E), 3. Adams (E)

800M: 1. Roberts (T) 2:28, 2. Lasecki (E), 3. McCool (E)

200M: 1. Rogers (T) 25.9, 2. Watkins (T), 3. Eernisse (E)

3200M: 1. Roberts (T) 11:23.6, 2. VanGuidler (E), 3. McMillen (E)

1600 relay: 1. Eisenhower (VanHouten, Adams, VanGuilder, Buchanan) 4:00.2

Pole vault: 1. Youngkin (T) 9’0″, 2. Lee (T), 3. Lange (E)

High jump: 1. Anderson (T) 5’2″, 2. Vroman (T), 3. Braswell (E)

Long jump: 1. Anderson (T) 16’11.5″, 2. McIntyre (T), 3. Schneider (T)

Triple jump: 1. Vroman (T) 37’5″, 2. Anderson (T), 3. VanHouten (E)

Shot put: 1. Kerr (T) 35’9″, 2. Schwab (T), 3. Coccarelli (T)

Discus: 1. Schwab (T) 121’8.5″, 2. Beauchat (T), 3. Coccarelli (T)

Javelin: 1. Schwab (T) 135’5″, 2. Beauchat (T), 3. Kerr (T)

Eisenhower girls 84, Titusville 65

3200 relay: 1. Eisenhower (Thompson, Littlefield, Martone, Straight) 14:34

100 hurdles: 1. Wallin (E) 20.0, 2. Ditty (T), 3. Long (E)

100M: 1. Sleeman (E) 14.9, 2. Warner (T), 3. Brooks (T)

1600M: 1. Bauer (E) 6:21, 2. Jones (T), 3. Myers (T)

400M: 1. Brunst (T) 1:12, 2. Daugharthy (E), 3. McGiol (T)

400 relay: 1. Eisenhower (Chapman, Stanko, Sleeman, Dubyne) 58.7

300 hurdles: Ditty (T) 1:00, 2. Long (E), 3. Wallin (E)

800M: 1. Brunst (T) 3:11, 2. Littlefield (E), 3. Martone (E)

200M: Stanko (E) 31.3, 2. McJunkin (E), 3. Sleeman (E)

3200M: Jones (T) 14:09, 2. Whiting (T), 3. Myers (T)

1600 relay: Eisenhower (Daugharty, McJunkin, Bauer, Stanko) 4:56

Pole vault: Beck (T) 6’6″, 2. Wallin (E), 3. N/A

High jump: McJunkin (E) 4’4″, 2 & 3. Chapman, Dubyne (E) 4’2″

Long jump: Warner (T) 12’7.5″, 2. Daugharty (E), 3. Dubyne (E)

Triple jump: Warner (T) 29’2.5″, 2. Dubyne (E), 3. Jewell (E)

Shot put: Humanic (T) 32’9″, 2. Barker (T), 3. Hultman (T)

Discus: Humanic (T) 89’1″, 2. Straight (E), 3. Baran (E)

Javelin: Baran (E) 72’2″, 2. Hultman (E), 3. Humanic (T)