Budding Journalist

Youngsville High School senior Andrew Lalwani is on his way to pursuing his dream of broadcast journalism.

Lalwani was awarded first place for best opinion piece, news photo, feature article and best in show award with a $1,000 scholarship last Friday during Edinboro University’s High School Journalism Day.

He is the president of the journalism club at YHS and is an editor of the Broadwalk, the school’s student-run newspaper.

“I want to work in news broadcast journalism, hopefully work for a news station,” he said on Tuesday.

He started out in ninth grade working behind the scenes with students to run the Eagle’s Eye – the video announcements in the morning before classes start.

“It’s been one of my favorite highlights of high school,” he said. “We have lot of different roles and positions. We have people that run the equipment and people that actually do the announcements…I’ve done every position. I’ve worked behind the green screen, the audio, the visuals with the computer and we have two anchors work in the morning.”

The Broadwalk is published monthly at the school and covers a wide range of stories.

“It’s time concerning; it’s a lot of work. The hardest part is getting everyone to work together at the same time and get the deadline in,” he said about working as the editor of the newspaper.

If he had to choose between editing and reporting, “I’d rather be a reporter,” he said.

“I think I like going out and being one-on-one with people and being able to talk with them and help them out with an issue,” he said.

At Edinboro’s Journalism Day, he won first place for an opinion article on standardized testing; first place for a news photo taken at the Warren County Fair; first place for a feature article about SADD; and third place for a feature photo. He was also given the Best in Show award for his work.

“He is very conscientious, dedicated, hard working, responsible, and a team player,” Barb Scott, YHS English teacher and Broadwalk advisor said. “I am very proud of this recent accomplishment.”