Off stroke

Dear editor:

Times are rough; eg., the 1930’s, era of the Great Depression, the Stock Market in the toilet. The why of it – no growth. They why of the why – capital went on strike.

How could this be? Capitalists were afraid. Afraid to risk their money to create jobs because oppressive authorities ran the economy, like today’s times, upside down with over-regulation/taxation.

Would you go to work, then not get paid? Same for business. They are not going to go to work (invest money) if they are not going to get paid (lose money); ie., the oligarches of Russia are moving 60 billion dollars/year out of country.

So much for the great bull market, current times. The only bull out there is the bull of Bronco Bamma – The Bomber. The economic and foreign-policy bombs that he drops are so lethal to the wellbeing of the American people makes a demanding case to impeach Barrack Obamma, 44th President of the United States.

On that note, the same application for the Warren-out retreads of Worn-City, Sugarloaf government who lack in accountability; eg., a 30-percent tax hike in unyielding support of unAmerican activities: unionized bureaucrats – the crats, who are sweet unto themselves.

These people, “cause great difficulties and hardships.” Figuratively speaking, criminal: indecent assault and official oppression. The pot needs not stirring, but emptied, with new cooks/books at hand; for the ‘bull’ as it is: a beef stroganoff.

To Master, or not to Master?

Always a choice,

John L. Erickson


Citizen Advocate

P.S. The ‘One Percent’ not Wall Street, but Crat employees.