Y’ville schools

Dear editor:

I am writing in concern for all of the children in Youngsville schools. The school districts decision to segregate the majority of the children with significant behavior special education needs to Youngsville without proper transition, staffing and training has created a disruptive environment, therefore children can not focus on school work. There are disruptions in classrooms on a daily basis and ALL of the children are suffering from the chaotic and unsafe environment. I have been in the school and seen a boy throw a chair at a teacher while screaming profanities at her. My children do not see chair throwing, vulgar language, biting or any violence at home, they certainly should not be seeing it in their school. I can not imagine the frustration and trauma the children with needs are feeling that they are acting out this way. We have gone to school board meetings and have had a meeting with the superintendent and his administration. We have explained all of these situations and i feel as if we have not heard. The superintendent treated us as if our children’s safety and education did not matter.

The staffing at Youngsville schools have done an exceptional job for what they have had thrown at them. If it weren’t for the wonderful teachers, principals and staff, my children would not be there.

Tammy Johnson