Hatch Patch purchased by Lindells

After 32 years the Hatch Patch is now Lindells’ Hatch Patch.

Scott Wenzel has sold the Hatch Patch to Richard and Jack Lindell and their family, They currently run Lindell Farms, LLC, a 400-cow dairy farm in Russell.

Lindells’ Hatch Patch is set to open on Friday, May 2.

“We’re in the dairy business, we’re always looking for a new challenge and farm land. We got more farmland and more of a challenge,” Richard Lindell said.

Richard and his wife Antoinetta will run Lindells’ Hatch Patch with his father Jack and his mother Gale.

“My dad was good friends with Scott’s dad, so we kind of had a family relationship,” Richard said. “We’ve known eachother for a long time. He’s known we’ve been interested…when he was ready he gave us a call.”

Lindell said the plan for the first year at least is to do “the same thing as what Scott was doing.”

“We’re going to have the flowers, produce, strawberries, and sweet corn. We’ll open on May second with flowers, that’s our opening day,” Lindell said.

And the strawberries the Hatch Patch was known for?

“We’re going to continue to do that,” he said.

Lindell said he doesn’t expect many changes to the store “but in the the future one of our thoughts is to turn into a year round produce market.”

“We’ll see how everything goes,” he said.

The Wenzels bought and opened the Hatch Patch on Russell Lander Road and Miller Hill Road in Lander in 1982 to direct market their fruits, vegetables, and beef.

“Warren has been very good to us, I attribute our expansion and growth to wonderful patronage through the years from the Warren area,” Scott Wenzel told the Times Observer on the 150th anniversary of the Wenzel Farm on Dutch Hill Road. “You just don’t have customers, you make friends along the way.”