Worst ever

Dear editor:

There has been a lot of chatter lately about the worst president ever. This one is in the running. See if you can name him.

This President was considered the most divisive President of all times during his first term.

He was called a “presidential pygmy” with his large ears and facial characteristics.

He was scorned for supporting people of color, accused of wanting to promote interbreeding people of color with Caucasians to reduce the undesirable traits of certain white ethnic groups.

He was a master of political patronage. He gave out appointments to garner support for his controversial agenda, even military appointments that led to poor performance on the battlefield and terrible loss of life.

He was so convinced the United States would dissolve if he were not re-elected he pursued whatever path he could find to continue his presidency. Yet he was so unpopular just 2 to 3 months before his second presidential election, he mapped out a strategy to radically pursue in the months between his expected loss and the next inauguration to do all he could to save the country.

So who is this president? Barack Hussein Obama? No.

Certainly a Dem. No.

Richard Nixon then. Not even close.

Can you believe it was Abraham Lincoln? Honest Abe???

Before Sherman took Atlanta and Sheridan gained control of the Shenandoah Valley, Lincoln was on the verge of a crushing election defeat.

Of course some say Lincoln’s biggest break came when the Commonwealth of Kentucky finally produced his birth certificate.

James Spangler, OD