Panel addresses rules for prom attire

Should the dress code in the Warren County School District apply to prom?

The Personnel/Athletics and Co-Curricular Committee of the school board discussed that issue at its meeting Monday night.

“The question I posed,” said board member Mary Anne Paris, “in some school districts, straps have to be two fingers wide. I know there are variables from one school to another. Is prom part of the dress code?”

“Our dress code has not applied to prom as far as I am aware,” said WCSD Director of Administrative Support Services Amy Stewart. “I have not had our principals come to us with a problem.”

Superintendent Dr. William Clark said it is likely too close to prom to address the issue for this year, but hearing from the principals and coming back to the board would be appropriate for policy in upcoming years.

“We have not had any discipline here because of it,” said Stewart. “(We) have not had a policy that covers it.”

Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Gary Weber, a former principal at Beaty-Warren Middle School and Eisenhower Middle High School, said that it can be “difficult to find clothing that meets the threshold.”

“We stand at the door and watch every kid walk in,” he added. “I have had people cover before because I thought it was too revealing.” Weber said such instances are “few and far between.”

He said the students largely have “been respectful and responsible” and that the district had not received any complaints in this area.

“If we saw anything that is inappropriate, principals would have discretion,” said Clark.

Youngsville High School Principal Phil Knapp said, having worked in administration in two different schools, the “clothing styles (are) similar because that is what is available.” He said he had seen “none so egregious to say ‘you can’t go in’.”

“We still have discretion at the door,” Clark added.

“We have used some discretion even between middle school and high school,” said Weber, who said the policy is policed differently at the middle level. “They were required to be covered,” he said.