Study will look at local high schools

High school reform has been a stated goal of the Warren County School District board of directors for several years.

Gathering a firm handle on each of the four high schools’ environments is a required step in that direction.

A study forwarded to the full board by the Curriculum, Instruction and Technology Committee on Monday would meet that objective

Administration brought forth a recommendation for a Comprehensive Assessment of School Environment (CASE) study through the National Association of Secondary School Principals that, according to information prepared for the meeting, would “collect data about student, teacher, and parent satisfaction with a school’s environment and culture, identify school strengths and areas for improvement (and) assist in designing a school improvement plan using the Breaking Ranks process circle, and to support planning including budget decisions.”

An invoice attached would purchase the survey packet for Sheffield Area Middle Senior High School, Eisenhower Middle High School, Warren Area High School, Youngsville Elementary Middle School and Youngsville High School. An additional packet for Beaty-Warren Middle School will be received at no cost.

Gary Weber, director of curriculum, instruction and assessment, said that the survey will reveal “cornerstone strategies as well as component(s) that make up the core areas of school improvement.”

He explained that the group that designed this survey also formulated the Schools to Watch program, which identifies outstanding middle schools.

Committee chair Jack Werner said that this process “further develops concepts from Schools to Watch.”

“There’s actually a field guide for going through the process of change in schools,” said Weber, who said the program will also look at leadership skills present with administration in each building. (It is a) really comprehensive (avenue) to identify areas of need, strengths and weaknesses.”

Total cost for the study is $4,250 or $850 for each school excluding Beaty.