18 miles of new surface from Act 89

Pennsylvania’s new transportation plan includes 72 new projects in PennDot’s Northwestern region, seven of which are in Warren County.

The new transportation plan known as Act 89 was signed into law in November by Governor Tom Corbett who announced yesterday more than $2.1 billion in highway and bridge projects to begin in 2014. More than 250 projects of roughly 900 are expected to begin this year alone.

“Funding from Act 89 will enable us to make significant progress in addressing highway, bridge and transit needs across our region,” PennDOT Northwest Regional District Executive William G. Petit said Friday. An additional 20 projects will start this year due to Act 89 funding, he said.

Included are more than 137 miles of non-interstate roads in Warren, Crawford, Erie, Forest, Mercer, and Venango Counties. Roughly 18 miles of road will be resurfaced in Warren County through Act 89 funds.

Resurfacing in Warren County is scheduled to start in the summer on 2.7 miles on Route 62, near Cobham Hill Road to Clark Run bridge, Watson Township; 3.39 miles on Route 3001 (Old Creek Road) from Cobb Road to Old Route 77, Spring Creek Township; 6.15 miles on Route 4001 (Picadilly Hill Road) from PA 426 to Old Route 77, Columbus and Spring Creek townships; 2.36 miles on Route 4002 from Erie/Warren County line to Old Route 77, Spring Creek Township; and 3.51 miles, Barton Run to Youngsville, Pittsfield and Brokenstraw township and Youngsville Borough.

Some of the projects are designed and need to be put out for bids and then the contractor will establish start dates for the projects, Wes Hess, Warren/Forest Counties manager for PennDOT said.

“This is the only thing that is going to help us get through the deteriorating road conditions that we have,” Hess said. “This transportation funding bill is going to allow for miles of paving that would’ve otherwise never have happened in Warren County.”

Act 89 funds will also rehabilitate two bridges in Warren County to add to their service lives.

Rehabilitation of the Oil Creek Road bridge over Spring Creek in Spring Creek Township is set for fall at an estimated cost of $900,000; and PA 666 Bridge over the south branch of Tionesta Creek in Sheffield Township is also going to be rehabilitated in the summer at an estimated cost of $1 million.

“We are confident that using the resources, made possible by the bipartisan consensus reached by Governor Corbett and the Legislature, PennDOT is in position to fix the damage caused by the severe winter weather and repair many more roads in our region,” Petit said.