Youngsville schools

Dear editor:

In an age where schools are working to prevent bullying, it appears as though the schools in Youngsville are becoming a breeding ground for it. With the movement of the emotional and autistic support programs to the Youngsville schools, the students are now learning that violence is part of everyday life. Whether the violence is real or threatened, students who may not have been previously exposed to kids, their own age, acting out in violent behavior are now bearing witness to such outbursts.

In any school environment, it is common to come in contact with students who are aggressive and react with violent outbursts. In the new environment at the Youngsville schools, students will have more of an opportunity to feed off of one another and promote a bullying atmosphere. Often children who are bullied then learn to lash out at others and bully.

With students subject to violent behavior on an almost daily basis in their classrooms, what are they learning? A student who feels threatened or has anxiety about the behavior of another student has no recourse. Violent behavior has the potential to become commonplace in the Youngsville Schools and students will learn to become complacent. According to the Scholarlink Research Institute, there has been recognition that either schools can help to prevent violence against children or that they create an environment that reinforces violent attitudes.

Having teachers and administrators in the Youngsville schools inadequately staffed and prepared in the handling of so many violent situations, it would seem the students are the ones who are ultimately paying the price for the decisions made by the Central Office Administration and the Warren County School Board.

Barbara Young