Building Dialogue

If communication was part of the reason why the Warren County Commissioners attempted late last year to strip the Warren County Visitors Bureau of the county’s tourism promotion agency designation, that’s an issue that is being addressed.

WCVB President Cora Lee Wenzel updated the Council of Governments about progress the agency is making during the April COG meeting held Wednesday evening at the Youngsville Borough building.

She thanked the COG for “reaching out to us” and letting the WCVB know that the COG would appreciate its participation at the monthly meetings.

Wenzel apologized to the COG for the breakdown in communications on behalf of the WCVB and said, “Now that we’re aware of that, we will continue to make ourselves present at future meetings.”

She encouraged municipal officials to take part in WCVB board meetings, held the second Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. at the WCVB’s Visitors Center in Starbrick. She also offered to provide municipalities with minutes of the meetings as an additional way of providing updates.

“Otherwise, we are just asking you to come if you like,” she said.

Wenzel explained that several of the issues brought up during the TPA battle last year have been addressed.

Regarding open communication, she said that the group has met with the commissioners and has “worked out action points with them.”

Additionally, the WCVB board has met with the Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry’s Council on Tourism “to talk about what the issues were, why the interactive, collective, working together, agreement wasn’t working so well. (We’re) moving forward with that as well,” she said.

Wenzel said that the WCVB is working with the WCCBI and the Warren Downtown Partnership group in the production of a walking brochure for Warren.

She also explained that the WCVB has scheduled an event planning meeting for 6 p.m. Thursday, April 17. The “idea behind that meeting is to get individual group organizers” to “create (a) calendar about where events are happening.”

WCVB board members will also be attending municipal meetings throughout the year, Wenzel said.