Hill & Dale learns about trimming shrubs

Hill and Dale Garden Club opened its first meeting for the 2014 year on March 26, at Sugar Grove Free Methodist Church with 20 members and seven guests attending. President Pam McCarthy opened the meeting, and Ruth Ann DeVore led devotions on “Seeds of Faith.”

Refreshments were provided by a committee headed by Becky Brown and assisted by Ruth Ann Devore, Ann Hernandez, Phyllis Maze and Yvonne Lee.

McCarthy introduced guest speaker Conrad Hultman, a retired forester, who showed those attending how and where and why we need to prune small trees and shrubs. He brought some small trees and demonstrated how and where to prune them and to tell us why we need to do this to make them look better. He advised that whenever small trees are purchased they should be trimmed back, as they need it then also. He talked about how far apart trees should be planted and he recommended that semi-dwarf trees are easier to care for. Hultman recommended that property owners put tree wraps around new trees to discourage mice, rabbits and deer from eating them. He recommended that now is a good time to prune and then fertilize when it gets a little warmer around the same time we fertilize our lawns.

Hultman gave a quote “If you can’t reach it, don’t cut it.” He answered many questions and it was a very informative program.

McCarthy led a business meeting. Carol Eckert gave a treasurer’s report. The sunshine fund had sent a Peace Lily for Betty Bloomgren’s family.

Peg Stino was thanked for typing and printing the 2014 booklets which were handed out as members paid their 2014 dues.

Priscilla Spencer gave a talk on chickadees and titmice and how they will hoard their food under the bark on trees. Isabelle Hanson talked about hydrangeas how to get the different colors, etc. Centerpieces were given to whomever had a little tag underneath their chair.