Young poet published

Some people work their whole lives to be published.

On the other hand, some, like Ella Solberg of Warren, are published at the age of 7.

In January, when Warren Area Elementary Center second-grade teacher Karen Greto asked if any students wanted their writing assignments submitted to a contest, Ella decided to go for it.

“We all had to write a poem,” Ella said. “I wanted to win something.”

She had her teacher send the poem – Anne’s Best Birthday Ever! – to Spider Magazine.

There once was a girl named Anne.

Her mom had a very good plan.

It was finally the day!

It was Anne’s birthday!

Anne’s birthday party was at Splash Lagoon.

Anne saw an enormous balloon.

She played on the water slides.

And on her cake there were water rides.

For lunch she had hot dogs on a bun.

Anne’s birthday was so much fun.

It was straight out of her mind. There was no party, no enormous balloon, no cake with water rides. There isn’t even an Anne.

“It was all fiction,” she said. “I just made it all up.”

“I like to write fiction stories a lot,” Ella said. “I heard of Splash Lagoon and I thought it would be fun to go to.”

The April edition of Spider came out on Ella’s birthday. Her poem was inside.

“Oh, my gosh,” Ella’s mother, Charissa, said. “My daughter’s been published. I am so proud of her.”

“She loves writing,” Charissa said. “She writes all the time. This is just wonderful for her.”

Ella credits her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Mitchell, with giving her the skills and encouragement to write.

But her focus is not solely on writing. One of Ella’s art works was featured at the Warren Public Library’s Youth Art Month show and she is making another to enter into another show.

She’s so dedicated to school that she is negotiating with her parents about not having to go on vacation. “I want to get perfect attendance,” she said.

The poem can be seen at among the January 2014 Happy Birthday entries.

Asked what it was like to see her poem in a magazine, Ella said, “It’s exciting.”