Moving plans forming

Preliminary plans are in place for what the Warren County School District central office might look like once it is moved to the current Russell Elementary School.

District administration presented a blueprint of the facility as central office to the school board’s Physical Plant and Facilities Committee at its meeting Monday night.

Dr. Norbert Kennerknecht, the district’s director of buildings and grounds, said that the plan is to use partitions currently being utilized at Eisenhower, as well as the metal studs and drywall used to make classrooms out of the auditorium at Eisenhower, to make six-foot high cubicles in Russell that will serve as office space.

Board meetings will likely move to Russell once the move is complete as Kennerknecht said that the cafeteria would serve as the new board room.

While the school will house students through this school year as construction at the Eisenhower K-12 site concludes, the move likely won’t happen to start the next school year.

Kennerknecht said that he is targeting December as a completion date for the transition and that the effort will include moving in stages.

He explained that the superintendent’s office will move first with Gary Weber, director of curriculum, instruction and assessment, moving next. He added that Business Services and Human Resources will be the last to move.

When asked what the cost of the move might be, including retrofitting Russell, Kennerknecht said that “no, not at this time” did he have an estimate.

“There will be a cost. There is a cost to moving,” he added. However, he said that with installing partitions instead of new walls the heating and air conditioning can remain as is.

“(The) most economical way to do it is the way we are doing it,” he said, “basically taking classrooms and building cubicles.”

“But I don’t think it’s six figures,” he estimated. “I don’t think it is five figures. (We) already have the materials, reusing what we used at Eisenhower, so there is no cost to the material.”

He did say there wil be some cost in wiring from an internet connectivity standpoint but that the cable used in that effort will be re-purposed from the Beaty renovation.

Of the move, he said it is “not as big of a deal as you might think.”