Youngsville schools

Dear editor: I am appalled at the callous lack of consideration for student safety that has been demonstrated by the Warren County School district and the School Board.

This situation in the Youngsville schools should be a matter of concern for the entire Warren County community.

To allow the administration to place violent students in a school with much younger, smaller, and more vulnerable students without experienced and adequate supervision is the most apatheticly incompetent act imaginable.

It is this same administration that is making decisions that will directly affect the entire Warren County school system. All Warren County residents need to take heed and question the suitability of these administrators to make the decisions that will impact the quality of life in the county in the future.

Children who have to live with this kind of stress day after day are certain to have their education and their lives adversly impacted, the effects of which could have serious negative consequences for the county as these students move forward into the general population.

If the goal of the administration is to educate future productive citizens, this Youngsville solution has seriously missed the mark.

Budgetary isssues need to be considered, however, not at the expense of education. The education of the children of the community should be the ultimate goal of any school administration.

Citizens of the district need to take a far greater role to insure that the administration keeps education their primary goal. It is in every citizen’s best interest to be involved.


Corlana McCartney