How he got that name

According to Ronald McDonald of Kane, there are about 400 people in the United States who share his name.

“The only other Ronald McDonald I ever met was my dad,” McDonald said.

The senior McDonald, who lives in Marienville, was not born into the name.

“My dad was born Ronald Guy Walter,” the younger McDonald said. “He was ill when he was a young child and he was adopted by his dad’s sister.”

They kept part of his name, but shared their last name with him.

“They wanted to keep him Ron, of course,” McDonald said. “He became Ronald Walter McDonald.”

That was long before there was a clown with the same name representing a fast food restaurant.

Then he had a son. “They didn’t want me called Junior… so, they named me Ronald McDonald II,” McDonald said. “We were both before the clown.”

The Ronald McDonald clown first appeared in 1963.

“I was about six years old, at my grandpa’s watching football,” McDonald said. His grandmother called out. “Get in here… the Ronald McDonald clown is on.”