Fun at family night

The 21st Century Community Learning Center Family Night delighted old and young on March 20 at Warren Area Elementary Center (WAEC). Families of students who participate in the 21st Century after-school program were invited to come see what has been going on.

In the past few weeks, students have been taking acting lessons as part of their enrichment session. During family night the students gave a presentation. Dawn Sears, drama teacher, put the entire group of students into a large circle for an improvisational activity while parents and families watched. Each child in the circle had to improvise a movement when it was their turn. Then, in response, the person on the left would ask, “What are you doing?” But the child would not correctly describe what he was doing, and instead describe something completely different than what it looked like. The next person would have to do the “described movement” and in turn think of a ridiculous way to describe their own new movement, and it just kept going around the circle. The children had to think quickly and keep the game moving. It is difficult to be doing one movement while you claim you are doing a completely different movement! The ridiculousness of some responses and movements caused lots of laughter.

Ian Eastman, a community educator with Family Services of Warren County, informed parents about different ways to discipline children focusing on logical consequences. During his informative session, the children played relay races in the gym.

Finally, all sat down for a Salisbury steak dinner, had many conversations, and met many new people. It means so much to children when their parents and relatives get involved and participate in activities at school. That is the reason the program is called the 21st Century Community Learning Center, as it involves the entire community.

Next month there will be an opportunity for children to bring a friend to the program for the afternoon. Parents may sign their children’s friends up with a form for this situation. Also children may still sign up for the program which runs from Monday through Thursday from 3 to 6 p.m. In addition, the program extends into half of the summer.

Contact Christine Haslett, 21st CCLC program manager at WCSD Central Office, for registration: 723-6903 X 1038.