Concert Association hosts Scythian

On Saturday, March 29, the Warren Concert Association will present Scythian (sith-ee-yin) at the historic Struthers Library Theatre in downtown Warren. This group of American-born sons of immigrant parents is energetic, eclectic, and entertaining with a special mix of Irish, Celtic, Klezmer, and Gypsy music, in addition to original ballads. They’re innovative and fun, with a blend of musical styles that will entertain everyone.

Scythian, thanks to prior performances at Jamestown Community College, has an enthusiastic local following. The Washington DC-based band is so well known that requests for tickets have come from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, in addition to the Warren area.

Alexander Fedoryka, a classically trained musician, plays fiddle, mandolin, and bass, and is a vocalist for the band. He studied with Dr. Suzuki of the Suzuki School of Music in Japan and, doing a 180, he spent four months busking and playing his guitar on the streets in Ireland. That experience imbued him with the Celtic spirit. That spirit, combined with the Gypsy soul of his Ukrainian ancestry, was the inspiration for Scythian.

Danylo Fedoryka, Alexander’s brother and a trained classical pianist, made the switch to rhythm guitar to make music with Alexander. His enthusiasm for the free spirit of Celtic music and his piano background made him the obvious choice to be the band’s accordion player. He is also a Scythian vocalist.

Josef Crosby, also classically-trained, sings and plays the fiddle and bass. In switching to Celtic fiddling, Joseph plays one-half of Scythian’s signature “dueling fiddles” and is known for his dirt and grit style.

Ben-David Warner, who picked up the guitar and classical violin as a teen, found his passion for Celtic music while listening to his dad’s recordings from NPR’s Celtic radio show. Ben busked on street corners in Virginia and Ireland before joining Scythian with his banjo, fiddle, viola, guitar, tenor banjo, mandolin, and his voice.

For a time, the band was just four. Recently, a fifth member, a drummer, has joined the fun. Tim Hepburn, a monster on drums since the age of five, was influenced by the world of jazz. His interest in that genre is obvious in the nuances he captures with his drums.

All five band members perform kicked-up Celtic and world music with hints of Gypsy and Klezmer, the ingredients of a show that will capture you and that you won’t soon forget.

Warren is one of the first destinations for the Scythian Tenth Anniversary tour. In 2014, the band celebrates the milestone with a fifth CD and a concert tour in Ireland. Fans who want to join in the fun are welcome to go on tour with the band!

Scythian is an award-winning band that will entertain you and make you glad to be with them, whether or not spring has arrived on March 29! Please join the Warren Concert Association and Scythian’s “Music amongst friends.

Tickets are still available and can be purchased at the Library Theatre box office on the evening of the concert, Saturday, March 29, beginning at 6 p.m. The concert, with festival seating, begins at 7.30 p.m. For further information, call 723.6505.