Warren Players

Warren Players is bringing back WBFR Playstation of the Air for another live radio play production, this time of Pat Cook’s play, “Titanic: Tragedy and Trial.”

On the night of April 14, 1912, the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg while sailing in the north Atlantic and sunk to the bottom of the ocean with more than half of her passengers and crew still on board. The Titanic was considered a marvel of engineering in her day with sixteen watertight compartments, wireless radio technology, and the latest technological inventions such as an on-board swimming pool, elevators, electric light, and an automatic potato peeler. Her elegant staterooms and public rooms and a Who’s Who list of American and European society made her the popular boat to sail on. No one could have imagined that this marvel in engineering and elegance would strike an iceberg and sink to the bottom of the Atlantic on a cold April night. Titanic was equipped with only 20 lifeboats, enough room to accommodate less than half who were on board. For the 705 survivors who were rescued out of the icy north Atlantic their stories of that night would be told for years to come in countless books, magazine articles, plays and motion pictures.

Pay Cook’s play, “Titanic: Tragedy and Trial”, is based on the known facts in the tragedy of the Titanic. All events depicted in the play are as Pat Cooks says, “as they happened” according to the latest research. This play is a theatrical compilation of newspaper articles, historical facts, and interviews with the people who lived through the disaster. Unlike other productions of the Titanic story where some fictional characters are created to tell the story, all of the characters identified in this show actually existed and in some cases speak for themselves telling their stories of that night in their own words. The play also explores the little addressed aftermath of the sinking including a Senate hearing that took place in New York to find out the cause of the disaster. In this part of the play the survivors talk about the disaster in their own words in an adaptation of the 1912 Senate hearings specifically focusing on Bruce Ismay, the owner of the shipping line, and why he got into a lifeboat when so many other men went down with the ship. This play presents a gripping story of sacrifice, honor, and valor.

Warren Players is bringing this dramatic play to life as a live 1940s era radio show. Audiences will be treated to a reader’s theatre experience complete with sets, lights, and 1940s era costumes. “Titanic Tragedy and Trial: A Live Radio Play” will transport audiences back to the golden age of radio when stories were told over the airwaves by some of the country’s most famous stars of the silver screen. Audience members will be seated on stage at the WBFR radio station with the cast much like the live studio audiences that used to attend live radio broadcasts. Seven radio stars, supported by two Foley, or sound effects artists, will artfully portray this play using a variety of vocal techniques, dialects, and sound effects to bring the story of the Titanic to life. Audiences will also be treated to mini exhibits around the theatre to learn about the Titanic showcasing some of Warren Player’s props and costume shop’s antique dresses from the period.

Directed by Kevin Hunt and produced by Kathy Hurst, the show will be presented April 3, 4 and 5 at 8 p.m., and Sunday, April 6, at 2 p.m. This docudrama, appropriate for family, will transport viewers back to a defining moment in history.

For more show information or to purchase tickets, visit online at strutherslibrarytheatre.com, come to the theater office, or call during business hours at 723-7231 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. On stage seating is limited so please get your tickets ahead of time to see this memorable show.