Dear editor:

From time to time articles appear in the Times Observer indicating that Warren would like to attract tourists to our region.

Unfortunately there is little or no access to Warren by land, sea, or air!

We do not have competent people conducting our various tourist departments as no one involved has had experience in tourism.

This type of activity requires people like the group involved in setting up Branson, Mo. Until a few years ago Branson was a town of 3,900 people and town officials decided to take the risk and do the necessary to assure a dramatic increase in visitors to their community.

Today a typical weekend brings over 100,000 people to Branson as they have entertainers from all over the globe. Just imagine the thousands of jobs created in the hospitality industry.

Someday we will get past thinking about bike paths and walking paths which are prevalent in every community. Think about it. Why would anybody want to travel many miles to do something they can do in their own backyard?

We all can and should think bigger!

Thomas Korn