Dear editor:

The late Allegheny Musarium project had many local supporters. We gave up with enormous regret – we are still convinced of the huge potential of the Musarium for the area’s economic and cultural benefit.

In order that the huge amount of work and creativity that went into the Musarium not be forgotten, we are resolved to leave some useful ideas and pointers on the chance that day, down t he road, with a livelier economy and fresh group of public-minded citizens will hark back to it and think, “That was a really great idea. Why can’t we make it work?”

We have compiled an Archive of the Allegheny Musarium project. This includes complete press coverage, minutes of all meetings, creative projects, the architectural vision, fundraising and promotion efforts, relevant financial documentation- and some reflections on what went wrong.

The Archive will be available to anyone in two locations: The Warren County Public Library (205 Market St.) and the Warren County Conservation District (210 North Dr., N Warren). The materials are in the form of two magazine boxes of various hard-copy materials and a notebook of CDs and DVDs containing files of many types, history of deliberations, photos and artwork, PowerPoint presentations, and many other glimpses of that decade’s enthusiastic work. Questions may be addressed to me at

Thank you all out there who helped us and believed in us!

Dr. Karen L. Black

President, Allegheny Musarium Assoc.