Bridge project may be canceled

The Warren County Commissioners opened bids on two projects and moved a local match resolution forward during their work session Monday morning.

Three bids were received for replacement of the Huntley Road bridge in Freehold Township.

Work had been estimated at $60,000 by the project engineer, a figure far below any of the bids.

County Grants Administrator Lorri Dunlap said the discrepancy may originate in the length of time between the project being approved and bids being solicited. Due to engineering delays, the project was approved approximately three years ago.

The lowest bid, from Shingledecker Welding of Franklin, was $134,700. Horizon Construction of Sandy Lake bid $138,900 and Clearwater Construction of Mercer bid $266,000.

The project utilizes Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding, but only the estimated $60,000 in these funds had been approved.

Dunlap explained that Freehold Township could opt to contribute the difference in funds or the project could be canceled due to the large difference between cost estimates and received bids.

Three bids were also received for work installing air conditioning in the kitchen at the Warren County Jail.

The low bid of $10,361was received from A&B Heating. A bid of $13,100 was received from the Warren Webster Corporation and the Wm. T. Spaeder Company submitted a bid of $16,882.

A resolution to provide local matching funds for the Transportation Authority of Warren County (TAWC) was added to the agenda for the commissioners’ meeting on Wednesday morning.

The proposed resolution, which comes before the commissioners each year, would approve the county’s portion of the matching funds required for TAWC operations.

The proposed resolution for 2014-15 is based on last year’s resolution and includes the same match amount as last year of $13,384.

The commissioners will consider the resolution at their next meeting.