Youngsville education

Dear editor,

I’m writing to express my concerns relative the current situation at Youngsville attendance area schools, ie YEMS and YHS. First I’d like to say that I have heard many times of this supposed “program” that the WCSD has instituted in Youngsville Schools.

This “program,” as it is referred to by school officials, has resulted in the relocation of all the district’s emotional support students, or exceptional students, to Youngsville schools. At this point there is no getting around the fact that has caused safety and security issues within the schools. There have been articles printed in this very newspaper that outline just that. It should be noted that no one is winning in this situation, not the faculty of the schools, not the students (all inclusive), and not the parents of said students.

My particular issue is this however. The WCSD keeps referring to this situation as a “program,” however, by using the term “program” it is implied that there is an infrastructure in place to deal with what we are now seeing in the schools in Youngsville. That term would imply that training for faculty has been accomplished and that clear and concise action and communication is taking place regarding issues that have now presented themselves, as a result of this so called “program.”

My assessment, and that of many others is simply this; to call what is in place at Youngsville a “program” you are using the loosest of terms possible. Don’t be fooled; there isn’t a “program” as the WCSD has termed it.

I would liken it to building a rocket after you’ve already launched it. Let’s call it what it really is; it is the same reactivity we’ve seen from the WCSD since time immemorial, not proactivity.

In this situation, as in many others in the past, who suffers? Our children do, and are now. No matter if they be in need of emotional support education or not, they are all exceptional, and none of them deserve to be short-changed on an education, as all of them are being as we speak.

Andrew Goss