City issues demolition order for house at 117 Beaty St.

With a notice of violation receiving no response, the City of Warren has issued a notice of demolition for the house at 117 Beaty St.

According to Building Code Official Alan Gustafson, speaking to Warren City Council last Monday night, a notice of violation received no response within a 30-day time frame prescribed by ordinance. He explained that a order to demolish was to be sent to the owner of the property on Tuesday.

Notice has been sent to an heir. Gustafson said the demolition order “gives (the owner) another 30 days to get that taken care of.”

What happens after that is likely up to city council, which will be solicited for direction. For the property to be demolished, the city would likely have to incur the cost, which could be recouped in the future in the form of a lien placed on the property.

The property was first brought before council last August. It had been before the city’s Redevelopment Authority earlier in the year.

“There are a lot of intricacies,” City Solicitor Andrea Stapleford said in August, noting that this situation is “different than just a blighted property.”

The mortgage on the property was $14,000 and, according to Gustafson, the “bank just walked away from it.”

He said that 2012 and 2013 taxes are owed on the property.

In December, it was announced that some family members were willing to sign the property over to the city but others were not.

Stapleford updated Warren City Council in January that the city has elected to proceed with enforcement under the property maintenance code for existing violations at the residence. Stapleford said that progress under that code could “result in the demolition of this property if not completed within the given time frame.”

Total cost of demolition could be between $5,000 and $6,000. An $1,800 municipal lien is currently also in place.

The city has been mowing the grass and handling snow removal at the property for some time and that would likely continue after demolition.