4-H shines at Kiwanis presentations

The 26th Annual Kiwanis 4-H Presentation program was held on Saturday, March 8 at the Jefferson DeFrees Family Center. Warren County 4-H members put to practice their public speaking skills in front of family, friends, and Warren Kiwanis Club members.

Members were broken into two divisions junior (ages 8-12) and senior (ages 13-18) and earned blue, red, or white rosette ribbons along with a monetary award provided by the Kiwanis Club of Warren. Members selected from three categories to perform their speech: public speech, illustrated talk, or demonstration speech. Topics for the speeches were selected by the 4-H member.

First 4-H member to give a speech, senior Rachel Enos of Sugar Grove, discussed her Farm Show Experience. Rachel’s illustrated talk was projected for participants to see. She earned a blue ribbon for her speech which informed members on the care and responsibility needed to show an animal at the state farm show. Tara Sleeman of Russell provided an illustrated talk on Small Steps Lead to Big Places. Tara described her journey into the dairy industry through the help of the family. Tara detailed her skills and leadership that has aided her in showing dairy animals. She received a red ribbon for her speech. Kyra Campbell of Spring Creek received a red ribbon for her illustrated talk, Underground Railroad. She detailed the courage and heroics of Harriet Tubman and the many “conductors” involved with freeing the slaves. Sydni Miller of Russell provided a public speech on Epilepsy Awareness. She explained to the audience that March 26 is the official awareness day and provided purple ribbons to show support. Sydni received a red ribbon. The last senior speech was conducted by Alexis Titch of Corry. She illustrated the Pomeranian breed of dogs. Alexis was joined by her Pomeranian, Oreo, to detail the size and stature of the breed. She received a blue ribbon.

The first junior member to present was Katelyn Bennett of Youngsville. She presented an illustrated talk on My Dad’s Pearl. Pearl is her dad’s dog. She was given to Katelyn’s father as a surprise gift and the two are best buddies. Katelyn’s blue ribbon speech introduced the audience to Pearl. Melissa Bennett of Youngsville illustrated the Stripes, Claws, & Tails of various tigers. Her blue ribbon speech detailed her interest in the Bengal, Siberian, and White Tigers. Haflinger was presented by Katie Downs of Bear Lake. She used video and photos in her illustrated talk about her Haflinger. Katie earned a blue ribbon. Tristen Wilcox of Russell presented the, The Misunderstood Pitbull. Tristen discussed the characteristics and misconceptions that the public has of the breed. He introduced the audience to his dog Lexi, an American Pit Bull Terrier. He earned a red ribbon. Josey Campbell of Spring Creek explained the various creatures that live in the ocean. Ocean Life earned him a red ribbon and taught the audience about the varying depths of the ocean habitat. The Benefits of Gratitude was presented by Kiara Baker of Spartansburg. Kiara detailed the research and benefits of focusing on gratitude in one’s life. She explained the popular practice of keeping a gratitude journal. Kiara earned a blue ribbon. The last speech was presented by Audrey Ferrie of Warren. Goldendoodle described the traits of the dogs produced when you cross a Golden Retriever with a Standard Poodle. Audrey was joined by Willy her 11 week old goldendoodle. She received a blue ribbon for her speech.

The Warren County 4-H program thanks the Kiwanis Club of Warren for judging the presentations. This year’s judges included: John Beard, Robert Hansen, John DuShaw, Janeen Nichols and Al Webster. The program qualifies senior division blue ribbon 4-H members to participate in 4-H State Achievement Days at Penn State, July 28-30. Additional information on the state program can be acquired at extension.psu.edu/4-h/events/2014-4-h-state-achievement-days.

The 4-H program is a youth development program of Penn State Cooperative Extension. It is open to all youth between the ages of 8 and 18. If you would like to learn more about the Warren County 4-H program, contact the Penn State Extension office in Youngsville at 563-9388.