City Mulls River Walk

Some $45,000 in city funding could leverage a $200,000 project that would result in a trail and river overlook in the 400 block of Pennsylvania Ave. W.

Warren County Council on Monday approved a resolution to be sent with a grant application to the Pa. Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for the project.

City Manager Nancy Freenock said the total cost of the project is not yet clear, as she is trying to work with an entity to obtain an appropriate estimate. However, she estimated the total cost of the project to be “about $200,000 for the trail and overlook.”

If awarded, the grant from DCNR would cover half of that, or $100,000.

Freenock also explained that the city will be receiving $55,000 from the Pa. Department of Environmental Protection which DEP collected in fines from United Refining Co. One of the permitted uses for that funding is recreation projects.

City Planner David Hildebrand explained that the city is “looking at the spot directly across Market Street from General Joseph Warren Park” for the river overlook.

“Right now at the end of the Hickory St. Bridge (there is a) concrete sidewalk that goes for a distance,” he added, noting that the plan for the trail would be to “continue… from that part. Take it to Joseph Warren Park (and) end it briefly after that.”

Department of Public Works Director Mike Holtz estimated the trail at a length of 1,200 feet.

“The administration has done a good job of piecing this together financially,” said Councilman Dr. Howard Ferguson, noting that this project would be good both for city residents and tourists.

Councilman Sam Harvey asked whether the city would remain in control of the funding or partner with another entity.

“The city would contract out the work,” said Freenock.

“(The) reason we’re bringing this to you now,” said Freenock, is that the “application is due before the next council meeting.”

The trail would be similar to walking trails installed at Crescent, Beaty and Betts parks and would tie into the “Walkable Warren” idea.