Our opinion: The law’s other arm

Law enforcement in Warren County is made up of more than just uniformed officers and prosecutors.

Sure, they do a great job and put themselves between law-abiding citizens and those who don’t obey the law.

But, there is another component to the equation, the average citizen who sees something or hears something they believe might be valuable to those aforementioned officers of the law and the court.

The patchwork of police agencies and the county’s new District Attorney are already in the process of rebuilding the Warren County Drug Task Force to put additional resources and coordination into drug interdiction in the county.

Now, District Attorney Rob Greene wants to breathe some new life into a program that has been around for decades, but has gone somewhat stale in recent years: CrimeStoppers.

CrimeStoppers is a program in which private citizens can report information regarding a case police are working on with the assurance that their identity will be protected. In addition, they can be rewarded for that information if it leads to the arrest and conviction of a suspect.

Along with the publication once a month in the Times Observer of the 10 Most Wanted list prepared by the District Attorney’s office, and the resurrection of the Warren County Drug Task Force, commiting a crime in Warren County should be considered a much more risky proposition.

No, we are not supposing that crime will take an extended holiday here, but we’re confident after talking with law enforcement officials, that the combination of all of these efforts will make it easier for them to do their job.