PA deer harvest announced

The Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) has released its tally of the harvest in the state during the 2013-14 deer season.

According to the PGC, this year’s harvest represented a three percent increase over the previous season with an estimated 352,920 deer harvested, compared to 343,110 harvested in the 2012-13 season.

Of the deer harvested, 134,280 were antlered, only approximately 400 more than in the previous year. As a result, the majority of the harvest increase represents antlerless deer taken. Hunters harvested approximately 218,640 antlerless deer, compared to 209,250 in the previous year, about a four percent increase.

According to the PGC, 43 percent of antlered deer taken were one-and-a-half year-old bucks while the remaining 53 percent were two-and-a-half years-old or older. The antlerless harvest consisted of approximately 62 percent adult females, about 21 percent button bucks and just under 18 percent doe fawns.

Local wildlife management units (WMUs) 1B and 2F are both located in part in Warren County. WMU 1B had an estimated harvest of 6,800 antlered deer and 10,800 antlerless deer. WMU 2F had an estimated harvest of 6,600 antlered deer and 8,000 antlerless deer.

Archery and muzzleloader season harvest estimates for local WMUs have also been released. In WMU 1B approximately 2,380 antlered and 1,530 antlerless deer were harvested during archery season and approximately 20 antlered and 670 antlerless deer were harvested during muzzleloader season. In WMU 2F approximately 1,660 antlered and 1,070 antlerless deer were harvested during archery season and approximately 40 antlered and 1,230 antlerless deer were harvested during muzzleloader season.

Contrary to statewide trends, local harvest numbers actually represent a decrease in estimated harvest when compared to the 2012-13 season.

Total estimated harvests for other WMUs include:

WMU 1A: 6,400 antlered, 13,900 antlerless;

WMU 2A: 6,800 antlered, 13,200 antlerless;

WMU 2B: 5,600 antlered, 14,000 antlerless;

WMU 2C: 7,200 antlered, 11,000 antlerless;

WMU 2D: 13,700 antlered, 21,600 antlerless;

WMU 2E: 4,900 antlered, 8,000 antlerless;

WMU 2G: 5,000 antlered, 6,900 antlerless;

WMU 2H: 1,500 antlered, 1,700 antlerless;

WMU 3A: 4,200 antlered, 5,400 antlerless;

WMU 3B: 6,200 antlered, 8,700 antlerless;

WMU 3C: 7,000 antlered, 12,700 antlerless;

WMU 3D: 3,400 antlered, 5,000 antlerless;

WMU 4A: 5,000 antlered, 6,000 antlerless;

WMU 4B: 5,300 antlered, 5,800 antlerless;

WMU 4C: 5,200 antlered, 6,900 antlerless;

WMU 4D: 7,200 antlered, 8,200 antlerless;

WMU 4E: 6,300 antlered, 7,700 antlerless;

WMU 5A: 2,800 antlered, 4,100 antlerless;

WMU 5B: 7,400 antlered, 12,800 antlerless;

WMU 5C: 8,100 antlered, 21,700 antlerless;

WMU 5D: 1,600 antlered, 4,500 antlerless;

and unknown WMU: 80 antlered, 40 antlerless.

“Harvest estimates are based on more than 25,000 deer checked by Game Commission personnel and more than 110,000 harvest reports submitted by successful hunters,” a PGC release on the numbers said. “Because only about one-third of hunters report their deer harvests, the Game Commission uses data from deer checked in the field and hunter reports to estimate the total harvest.”