Sports Briefly…

Special Olympics

Here are the results of the Warren County Special Olympics Basketball Skills Competition March 8 at Warren Area Elementary Center:

Male Division I- 1. Connor Campbell, Participation. Eric Irons

Male Division II- 1. Sean Goss, 2. Gregg Bonavita, 3. Ralph Tressler

Male Division III- 1. Marshall McCumber, 2. Kyle Burge, 3. Kyle Fortman

Male Division IV- 1. Duane Bennett, 2. Justin Allen, 3. Francis Molinaro

Male Division V- 1. Shawn Albaugh and Turney Yount, 2. John Pearson

Male Division VI- 1. Mike Gray, 2. Arthur Windham

Female Division I-A- 1. Debbie Glotz, 2. Nancy Gern

Female Division I-B- 1. Brooke Evans, 2. Kaylee Turner

Female Division II- 1. Rose Lank, 2. Ginger Montgomery

Female Division III- 1. Kayla Smith, 2. Cindy Zaffino, 3. Heidi Venal, 4. Joann West

Female Division IV- 1. Julie Gregg, 2. Connie Leonard, 3. Jen Kersey

Female Division V- 1. Samantha Miller, 2. Julia Cutshall, 3. Linda Buser, 4. Brenda Huya

Female Division VI: 1. Tina Hoffner, 2. Nicole Huya, participation-Shirley Petko

Jr. Legion

Boys ages 13-to-15 in the Youngsville/Eisenhower area that would like to play Jr. Legion baseball are asked to contact Kevin Hoover at 706-1334.