Probation officer faces new charges

A Warren County Adult Probation officer charged with indecent assault and official oppression has been arrested again on similar charges with a different victim.

Warren-based state police said Jeffrey F. Collins, 37, Sheffield, was the victim’s Adult Probation officer. According to police, between Dec. 18, 2013 and March 6 of this year he sent her unwanted lewd text messages.

Police said the victim also alleges that Collins grabbed her breasts and buttock area while in meetings at the Adult Probation office.

Police said the incidents were uncovered while investigating a previous incident involving a different female he was supervising on probation. She alleged that Collins told her, “That if she did not do what she had to, then she would have to pay repercussions.”

The woman understood that to be a threat of revocation of her probation, which would result in her being put in jail.

“The employee involved, Jeffrey Collins, has been suspended without pay pending outcome of the charges,” Warren County Chief Adult Probation Officer Carl McKee said after the first offense.

Collins was released on his own recognizance, as misdemeanor offenses do not require bail, unless there is a threat or danger of further crimes.

Two counts of indecent assault, two counts of harassment and a charge of official oppression have been filed at District Justice Glenn Carlson’s office.

District Attorney Rob Greene said on Monday that he has turned the investigation over to the state attorney general’s office because there is “an inherent conflict, working in the same building (as the accused)” and because he was involved in the initial investigation of the first incident.

Greene said he didn’t know if there would be more victims. The state police said the investigation is continuing.