Youngsville High shares the love of reading

For the past seven years, the faculty and staff at Youngsville High School have contributed well over $1, 500 to purchase Dr. Seuss books for every Head Start student who attends class in the YHS building. Once again, Youngsville High School teachers and staff generously contributed monetary gifts to purchase One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish hardback books for each student in Shelly Teska’s Head Start class. This partnership has motivated children and teens to read and to realize the importance of reading.

The reading legacy at Youngsville High School continued Thursday morning. In order to celebrate Dr. Seuss and to promote reading, a short assembly was planned in the auditorium to distribute the books to each Head Start child. Philip Knapp, principal at Youngsville High School, made the event memorable as he called each child’s name. A copy of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish was personally presented to each preschool student. Knapp commented, “You can take your book home to begin a reading library, or you can add this book to the library you already have.” The audience, composed of Head Start parents, Youngsville High School school students, teachers, and staff, clapped as each name was called by Principal Knapp. Samantha Tome, a senior at YHS described the scene: “Students walked in various ways to get their books. . . some walked quickly, some were a tad bashful, and some seemed to gallop, but they were all eager to hold their new Dr. Seuss book.” Those in the audience watched as happy Head Start students hugged their books, smiled, and started looking through their brand new books.

Each One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish book was personalized with each student’s name. An inscription in the front of the book gave universal advice: “May you always love to read books!” Each book was personally signed by the Youngsville High School Faculty and staff members who made this possible.

Another senior, Andrew Lalwani was trying to take photographs of the Head Start children with their books. Lawani shared, “I could see how excited the little ones were; their faces just beamed when they discovered they could take their books home.”

It felt like Dr. Seuss was present in the Youngsville High School Auditorium on Thursday morning. The message sent by administration, students, faculty and staff was cheerfully clear: Reading is fun and very important!