Our opinion: Walkable Warren

It is not until days like Monday, with the blazing sun vanquishing the last soiled patches of snow and ice, that people in Warren start thinking about walking about in their lovely town.

As the temperature catches up with the season, those thoughts will become more common.

And, how can you blame them?

Yes, there are blemishes; every town has them.

But, on the whole Warren is very walkable and a pretty place to do it, from its historic district with its stately Victorian homes, to Crescent Park that follows the meandering Allegheny River as it curves through the valley on its way to Pittsburgh.

Now there is an organized program that aims at promoting walking about in this fair city: Walkable Warren.

The project is being spearheaded by Dan Glotz, Warren County Planning director, and Farley Wright of the Area Agency on Aging. In his capacity of working with senior citizens, Wright knows about the health benefits to seniors in walking, an excellent low-impact exercise combined with fresh air and casual recreation.

Glotz knows about planning things, like walking routes, and obtaining funding to promote and create them.

We think Walkable Warren is an excellent idea, providing a program to promote something people often overlook in their day-to-day grind and the narcotic allure of reality television.

And, what better time of the year to get the ball rolling, but spring when the tug of the outdoors pulls us out of our winter cocoons.