Blood Work

A local service organization is urging people to roll up their sleeves to benefit…themselves.

The Kiwanis Club of Warren will hold its Annual Blood Screening program on Saturday, April 26, at St. Joseph’s School.

For a cost of $35, a participant’s blood will be drawn and analyzed, providing a chemistry profile for 30 chemicals, including sodium, glucose, and calcium, triglycerides, cholesterol, and high- and low-density lipoproteins, six factors of complete blood count numbers including white and red blood cells and hemoglobin, according to Kiwanis member Mike Hostovich.

For an additional $25 charge, prostate screening may also be added, which is recommended for all males over the age of 40.

He said registration is easiest online, through the Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry home page,, but only through March 30. Dates and places for in-person and phone registrations will be announced at a later date.

“I’ve lost count of the number of people who have told me about health issues that have been detected and corrected,” commented Mike Hostovich. “I’ve also lost track of the numerous individuals who have stopped me on the street and thanked the Kiwanis Club of Warren for providing what they believe is the single most important community service.”

“This would not be possible without the collaboration of the Warren General Hospital Lab, which provides the majority, if not all, of the phlebotomists as well as the record keeping, and the Clinical Laboratories of Erie, which analyzes the blood and provide the reports.” Hostovich said.

Although the cost saves individuals money, the club still makes some money for the Kiwanis Welfare Fund. Money in the fund will be used in Warren communities, primarily to help children, he added.

“Even though I have been fortunate to have continual medical coverage that would cover these tests,” continued Hostovich, ” I still have the screening done every year. I find it very beneficial to have an annual report to compare to previous years’ reports to detect if anything is going awry in this old body!”