Stone rail projects get funding

Stone Consulting, Inc. a local engineering firm that specializes in rail projects has learned that two projects they had submitted to the Bureau of Rail Freight Ports and Waterways were successfully funded under the Rail Transportation Assistant Program (RTAP).

Hodge Foundry, Inc. of Greenville in Mercer County was granted $524,514 to construct a rail spur that would connect the foundry to the Canadian National Railway, which is the owner of the Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad that runs past the Hodge Foundry facility. Hodge ships overweight and oversize castings to destinations in the US and Canada. The installation of a railroad siding will allow the Hodge Foundry to be more competitive in their market place and enable them to compete with overseas foundries.

Berks County Redevelopment Authority was awarded $952,839 for the rehabilitation of track and bridges and the construction of new rail sidings for the Eastern Berks Gateway Railroad that runs from Pottstown to Boyertown in Berks County. This is a nine mile railroad that was purchased by Berks County to preserve rail freight operations in Berks Counthy.

Stone Consulting will provide the design, plans and specifications for the two RTAP projects as well as the on-sight inspection during construction. Stone employs 9 engineers and rail experts and has been in Warren since 1996.