Budding artists display their work

After a tour through the Crary Art Gallery last week, the students in Shelly Teska’s Youngsville Head Start class were inspired to create their own versions of art.

They used non-traditional methods to produce paintings, using combs, rubber centipedes and golf balls instead of brushes. They also wore protective gowns to avoid taking too much paint home on their clothes.

Teska said she taught the children about color and form before the tour, and that everyone looks at art differently.

The new artists also considered another aspect of creating art finance.

Teska said, “I had them each title their paintings and tell me what the “selling price” would be if they were going to sell it. Hilarious responses!”

“Katie paint(ed) using a golf ball and title(d) her work, “Superman”, and said her selling price was “20 bucks.” She said that Olivia painted “Sun Shadow” painting and wanted $1. “I had one girl willing to sell her ‘Shopping’ painting for $90,000 and another child saying the selling price for hers, titled ‘Jenn,’ named after our one classroom aide, was ‘$10.28’. Everyone had a blast!”