Burglar gets time in state prison

Raymond Erik Wright was definitely in the wrong and, in the judge’s estimation, he didn’t seem to care.

Judge Maureen Skerda spoke to Raymond Erik Wright before sentencing him on Friday during sentencing court proceedings. “You have a long history of theft and burglary for a young man of 20,” she said.

She noted that Wright still has outstanding charges pending in Erie and Crawford counties.

“Given your crime sprees and lack of remorse,” she said, “your sentence is as follows.”

Wright, with addresses of 20203 Hatchtown Rd., Spartansburg, and 41294 Magee R., Centerville, Pa., was sentenced to an aggregate sentence of eight months to two years less one day in the Warren County Jail on charges of theft by unlawful taking and receiving stolen property.

He was also sentenced to pay$1,450 in fines and fees, and $7,170.85 in restitution, and to serve 130 hours of community service after he is released, and two years of supervised probation.

One of his many victims testified in court about not feeling safe in his own home after a burglary committed by Wright.

The victim said that he no longer felt safe and constantly had to look around his house to see if everything was in place and nothing was missing. He added that formerly innocent noises now cause him concern.

“Consecutive sentences are not enough, in my opinion.” he said. “Why work if you can steal? It gives you more time to party.”

Six guns, which were subsequently recovered, were stolen, and he said that he found three of them for sale at a business in Franklin.