Water Woes

The problem is electrical but the result is aqueous.

The Warren County School District’s (WCSD) campus on Lawn Ave. is having some water issues thanks to a faulty controller.

“There was some sort of electrical anomaly that shorted out the controller,” WCSD Director of Building and Grounds Services Dr. Norbert Kennerknecht said on Friday. “Since then, we’ve had to operate by hand.”

The issue began on Thursday and led to a temporary loss of water pressure at buildings on the campus, including Warren Area High School, Warren Area Elementary Center and the Warren County Career Center.

The district was alerted to the problem by maintenance staff at approximately 5:30 p.m. Thursday when a lack of water pressure was observed. The pressure issue lasted between 45 minutes and an hour, according to the district.

The controller at issue handles control of water pumps at the facility. When the controller went down, the pumps shut off.

While water service has been restored, it is being handled manually, rather than automatically by the control system.

“Right now, everything’s functioning,” Kennerknecht said Friday afternoon. “It’s just being controlled by an operator and not a controller.”

The situation will remain until at least the beginning of next week, but shouldn’t cause prolonged issues. According to Kennerknecht, the district is just waiting on a new controller to fix the problem.

“We hope to have the part by Monday,” he said.

It is possible, according to the district, that the necessary parts could be shipped overnight and the problem repaired over the weekend.

School is not in session on Monday as it is an energy day.